[MPlayer-users] MPlayer – changing ‘ao=’ codec order in mplayer.conf does not appear to work for per user config?

Jim Cross jimgcross at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 09:32:26 CEST 2014

Please see further below for post on ‘stack overflow’, currently no
response to this issue.

To remove the 'failed' warning and improve response time to play an audio
stream, I would like to change the order audio codecs are selected but
using the 'user' config file, I have tried but it does not appear to work?

(It works in the system wide config file and also adding '-ao alsa' in the
command to MPlayer but these could be considered more 'hackish' than
editing a user config file - it is also easier to develop against using the
'user' config file...)


Quoting mplayer.conf:
" Configuration files are read system-wide from /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf
and per user from ~/.mplayer/config, where per-user settings override
system-wide settings, all of which are overrriden by the command line."

However, changing the order of audio codec so that 'alsa' is first in user
config file does not appear to work.

My preference is to leave the /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf file as is and make
changes to the mplayer.conf file in ~/.mplayer/config

Using the following line: 'ao=alsa,pulse,sdl:aalib' only works in the
/etc/mplayer conf file and therefore don't appear to be overridden by the
'per-user' settings.

Also, I would prefer not to start mplayer with the '-ao alsa' option

Any thoughts on if this is a 'bug' or 'feature request' or have I missed

Edit - adding that playing an mp3, the following warning is returned: "AO:
[pulse] Init failed: Connection refused Failed to initialize audio driver
'pulse' AO: [alsa] 44100Hz 1ch floatle (4 bytes per sample) Video: no video
Starting playback..."

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