[MPlayer-users] VDPAU missing out on AMD

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at mikusj.com
Tue Dec 8 14:53:53 CET 2015

> Please show the output of rpm -qa '*vdpau*' 'mesa*' |sort

| libva-vdpau-driver-0.7.4-12.fc23.i686
| libvdpau-1.1.1-2.fc23.i686
| libvdpau-devel-1.1.1-2.fc23.i686
| libvdpau-va-gl-0.3.4-6.fc23.i686
| mesa-dri-drivers-11.0.6-1.20151122.fc23.i686
| mesa-filesystem-11.0.6-1.20151122.fc23.i686
| mesa-libEGL-11.0.6-1.20151122.fc23.i686
| mesa-libEGL-devel-11.0.6-1.20151122.fc23.i686
| mesa-libgbm-11.0.6-1.20151122.fc23.i686
| mesa-libgbm-devel-11.0.6-1.20151122.fc23.i686
| mesa-libGL-11.0.6-1.20151122.fc23.i686
| mesa-libglapi-11.0.6-1.20151122.fc23.i686
| mesa-libGL-devel-11.0.6-1.20151122.fc23.i686
| mesa-libGLES-11.0.6-1.20151122.fc23.i686
| mesa-libGLU-9.0.0-9.fc23.i686
| mesa-libGLU-devel-9.0.0-9.fc23.i686
| mesa-libwayland-egl-11.0.6-1.20151122.fc23.i686
| mesa-libwayland-egl-devel-11.0.6-1.20151122.fc23.i686
| mesa-libxatracker-11.0.6-1.20151122.fc23.i686
| mesa-vdpau-drivers-11.0.6-1.20151122.fc23.i686
| vdpauinfo-1.0-4.fc23.i686

> Also, /var/log/Xorg.0.log would be helpful

As far as I know, I'm not running wayland (except that it's used for the 
initial log-in screen).

/var/log/Xorg.0.log is multiple days old.  Instead, I copied the content 
of .local/share/xorg/Xorg.0.log to http://pastebin.com/CygGhZuv

> What's in your ~/.mplayer/config file?

The "example" file provided by building MPlayer.  Every line there is 
either blank or commented out (except this one: " [protocol.dvdnav] ").

The various parameters that I am putting in -- I'm specifying them on 
the command line with which I invoke MPlayer.

[ By the way, when I said I had put in 'threads=6', what I meant was 
that it was actually '-lavdopts threads=6' that I put in.  And the 
kernel on my Fedora 23 system is 4.2.6-301.fc23.i686+PAE ]



I just started using MPlayer on a second system (different software OS: 
64-bit Ubuntu 15.10 with 4.2.0-19 lowlatency kernel;  different video 
card: nvidia GFX 950).  Guess what -- I'm seeing the same situation as 
on the first system (whenever I use '-vc' to specify the __vdpau codec 
that matches the video, MPlayer gives me the "device is incompatible 
with this codec" error).

I cannot think of anything which is common to my two systems, but is 
different from the systems of those users who have vdpau acceleration 
working for MPlayer (me having /usr on a separate partition, perhaps?).

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