[MPlayer-users] Playing 3d O/U files

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger at gmx.de
Sun Mar 29 09:21:10 CEST 2015

On 28.03.2015, at 14:34, NdK <ndk.clanbo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Il 28/03/2015 13:30, Reimar Döffinger ha scritto:
>> I know it is the latest release, but trying latest SVN version might be a good idea.
> I'll try, but never had any luck in the past: my problems were always
> the same both in release and svn :(
>> Use e.g. -aspect 16/18 to override the aspect value.
> Does not change anything :(
> But since I forgot of -aspect, I tried to tell it to use 32/9: that
> fills the screen, but isn't detected as 3d :(
> But "pseudo random testing" ( :-) ) sometimes leads to good results:
> using -aspect 16/9 is "right". At least it fills the screen and gets
> detected as 3d. But seems to overload the CPU (AMD X4!), probably
> because of the line:
> VO: [vdpau] 1920x2160 => 3840x2160 Planar YV12  [fs]
> Isn't 3840x216 at 60Hz "a bit" over HDMI 1.4, too?

That scaling isn't done on the CPU, so any CPU load issues are not related to that.
You can use e.g. -vf dsize to control more accurately the size to use for display, e.g. selecting 1920x1080 as resolution (I don't know the exact command out of my head, hopefully you can figure it out from the documentation).
Though since you run in fullscreen mode, the real resolution should be whatever your screen uses anyway, so probably it doesn't matter.
If the CPU s indeed the issue, have you enabled multithreaded decoding? (-lavdopts threads=6)?
Also why not use hardware decoding (-vc ffh264vdpau,)

>> -vo gl also has a few more options related to stereo handling, though they probably make no difference for that issue.
> On nvidia cards seems slower than -vo vdpau.

It should make only a minimal difference, unless you are vsync limited (which I admit you probably are if you try to play 60fps content on a normal TV).

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