[MPlayer-users] Can I get a few tips on DVD ripping?

Rui Correia rdscorreia74 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 14:40:35 EEST 2017

I have quite a few legally owned Disney DVD's that I would like to rip so
that my daughter can watch them on her tablet and avoid scratching the DVD
discs. If I wanted anything to do with piracy I would download the torrent
or whatever. ;-)
My NAS runs Linux Debian (OpenMediaVault) and it has a DVD recorder on it
that I would like to use for ripping. Being a NAS, it doesn't have a GUI
(X11/Wayland) so I have to try and achieve this all on the CLI. Hence why I
am trying Mplayer for this task.
I'm only interested in the main movie, with two audio languages (my native
and English) and my native language subtitles for when watching it in
English audio. Also I'd like to retain chapter timecodes and to
containerize inside a MP4/MKV file that will be shared on the LAN through
the NAS.

>From what I understand, I can use MPlayer for most of it.
I've taken note of a few MPlayer commands that I found to grab stuff that I
will be needing.

For getting information about the audio track, subtitle tracks and chapters:
$ mplayer dvdnav://1 -identify -dvd-device ~/name_of_movie.iso

For ripping the video:
$ mplayer dvdnav://1 -dumpvideo -dumpfile name_of_movie.m2v -dvd-device

For ripping the audio track 128:
$ mplayer dvdnav://1 -dumpaudio -aid 128 -dumpfile name_of_movie.ac3
-dvd-device ~/name_of_movie.iso

My questions:
- Are the above the best options getting info, ripping video and ripping
- How can I dump subtitles?

Thanks in advance,


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