[MPlayer-users] Can I get a few tips on DVD ripping?

Paolo Bolzoni paolo.bolzoni.brown at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 16:03:25 EEST 2017

On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 1:40 PM, Rui Correia <rdscorreia74 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have quite a few legally owned Disney DVD's that I would like to rip so
> that my daughter can watch them on her tablet and avoid scratching the DVD
> discs. If I wanted anything to do with piracy I would download the torrent
> or whatever. ;-)
> My NAS runs Linux Debian (OpenMediaVault) and it has a DVD recorder on it
> that I would like to use for ripping. Being a NAS, it doesn't have a GUI
> (X11/Wayland) so I have to try and achieve this all on the CLI. Hence why I
> am trying Mplayer for this task.
> I'm only interested in the main movie, with two audio languages (my native
> and English) and my native language subtitles for when watching it in
> English audio. Also I'd like to retain chapter timecodes and to
> containerize inside a MP4/MKV file that will be shared on the LAN through
> the NAS.
> From what I understand, I can use MPlayer for most of it.
> I've taken note of a few MPlayer commands that I found to grab stuff that I
> will be needing.
> For getting information about the audio track, subtitle tracks and chapters:
> $ mplayer dvdnav://1 -identify -dvd-device ~/name_of_movie.iso
> For ripping the video:
> $ mplayer dvdnav://1 -dumpvideo -dumpfile name_of_movie.m2v -dvd-device
> ~/name_of_movie.iso
> For ripping the audio track 128:
> $ mplayer dvdnav://1 -dumpaudio -aid 128 -dumpfile name_of_movie.ac3
> -dvd-device ~/name_of_movie.iso
> My questions:
> - Are the above the best options getting info, ripping video and ripping
> audio?
> - How can I dump subtitles?
> Thanks in advance,
> Cheers

Since you have an .iso file, I can tell you _already_ ripped the
movie. What exactly are you tring to achieve?
You just want to extract the mpeg stream?

About your subtitles question, I am not sure you can use mplayer for
that task. But, you can use transcode.

Let /dev/sr0 be the DVD reader and let 0 be the subtitle id you can to
rip you can use:

$ tccat -i /dev/sr0 -T 1,-1 | tcextract -x ps1 -t vob -a  $((0x20 +
0)) > subs-en

and subs-en will contain the raw subtitle stream.
If the id is not 0, just put the correct figure instead of the last
zero. For example for the fourth use $((0x20 + 4)).

There are more ideas and details in this page:

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