[MPlayer-dev-eng] hdtv decoding (Decoding Euro 1080)

Zoltan Hidvegi mplayer at hzoli.2y.net
Sun Dec 28 03:34:00 CET 2003

> I know this is a litle off-topic but: I want to decode a HDTV MPEG2 PS 
> with mplayer (Euro 1080 transmission via Astra 19.2). However I get a 
> choppy output and warnings every second or so:

What do you mean by choppy?  Is your machine fast enough for HDTV?  I
need to use -framedrop and -vop field on my 1.73GHz Athlon to watch US
ATSC 1080i broadcast using nForce2 integrated video with -vo xv and
the nvidia driver.  Using xvmc may help, but so far I had no luck with
xvmc, and I did not have time and interest to investigate why.  I
usually prefer to re-encode HDTV to MPEG-4 at 1024x576 resolution
(which is the resolution my 32 inch monitor supports).  This also
allows applying filters like hqdn3d, de-interlacing etc, which I
cannot do real-time because my CPU is too slow.

> size restrictions for MP at ML or MPEG1 exceeded! (1920x1088)4% 66.5% 62 0 1%

Those are just warnings, they do not affect anything in the decoding
process, and I think they should be removed from mplayer.

> can the size restriction warning above being turned off somehow ? I 

Yes, edit the source code and recompile.  That's what I did.

> suppose mplayer is right and Euro1080 is somewhat transmitting out of 
> spec but this way mplayer could be used for some real high definition TV 

No, 1080 is perfectly fine standard MPEG-2, but it's MP at HL.  Actually
I thought that 1920x1080 is the US HDTV standard, the European
standard is supposed to have 1152 lines at 25Hz frame rate.  I guess
Euro1080 is using 1080i because it makes it easier use 1080i content
from the US.


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