[MPlayer-users] Mplayer Inverse Telecine while changing frame rate

Ergzay ergzay at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 00:45:42 CEST 2009

There is something I have been wanting to be able to do for a long  
time but I have not been able to. It is extremely frustrating as every  
combination of options I have tried seems to be buggy. I simply want  
to be able to inverse-telecine video files on the fly while playing  
them. While this is possible with all of the inverse telecine filters  
none of them do it properly. The framerate is not changed and you end  
up with duplicated frames which leaves a VERY jerky video, especially  
on any scenes with panning. I have been looking for ages looking  
through tons of options in the mplayer man file and in the  
documentation and nothing I find says I can do this. If this feature  
is not supported I highly suggest it be added as at this point the  
only way to get properly inverse telecined video is to re-encode it  
with mplayer and manually change the framerate. Mplayer will never be  
a good player for playing dvds until this is added.

Even better would be filters that allow me to do these things:
1. Selectively delete every nth frame. (There is a filter to PLAY  
every nth frame but not one to skip every nth frame.)
2. Change the framerate output of mplayer without disabling audio.  
(The solution would be to slow down the audio playback by the same  
amount. Even better would be to also have a pitch changing filter that  
could either be manually applied or automatically with this filter.)

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