[MPlayer-users] ALSA device mangling rules?

Dominique Michel dominique.michel at vtxnet.ch
Sun Mar 2 15:15:30 CET 2014

Le Sun, 2 Mar 2014 12:27:17 +0000,
Christian Jaeger <chrjae at gmail.com> a écrit :

> PS. I originally assumed (and still hope) that the ALSA device strings
> had been standardized by the ALSA project, so that what aplay -L shows
> could be passed to other programs verbatim (like for aplay -D). Is
> that wrong? It seems like mplayer does not simply mangle/unmangle the
> device string, but really have its own format to parse it, which is
> badly explained in the man page and not fully explained by you either.
> Perhaps the format can be better explained by saying what goes where
> in terms of the ALSA C api? Anyone? I'd love these things to be
> documented properly.

From 'man player':
For ALSA devices use it in the form  hw=<card>.<device>.

and later:
You must replace any ':' by a '.' in the hardware ID for ALSA.

That's documented and that's what you code is doing.


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